SEG - Midland Valley Structure Course

  • Огноо: 2012-10-25 - 2012-10-26 | Зохион байгуулагч: Society of Economic Geologists | Байршил: SEG Course Center | Littleton, CO, USA | Вэбсайт:

Modeling Structural Evolution to Improve 3D Models for Exploration and Mine Development

This 2-day course is designed for Geologists in Mineral Exploration and Resource Development and their Managers who want to minimize geological risk and optimize the use of regional and mine-scale geological models. The course is particularly useful for people working with structurally controlled deposits and/or deposits that have been deformed.


  • Jenny Ellis BSc M.Sc., Structural Geologist (Midland Valley)
  • John Grocott BSc Ph.D. FGS, Principal Structural Geologist (Midland Valley)